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ANGELIRE called her debut single “Daddy” because she needed to express her true feelings and gratitude to her father, who lit her flame for music.

These powerful emotions erupt like natural springs when her heart begins to speak in the song. And she sincerely hopes that her message will inspire people who have lost loved ones, to move forward as they turn the pain and sorrow into something beautiful, that gives them a light feeling inside.

The lyrics of the single “Daddy” came spontaneously one night when the singer was sitting with a text, in a moment of inspiration. She saw the face of her beloved father and began humming a short part of this wholehearted ode, like he came to her in a spiritual way, to show her that he never left.


The music and the arrangement became a reality as a result of a long process, which ANGELIRE sees as a very important and beneficial part of her professional growth as a songwriter.

The song has a modern country-pop touch and represents the stylistic feature of the honest singer. She loves to sing about anything pure and real in life, such as human relationships, feelings and life philosophy. This is perhaps why she is so dedicated to the country/americana genre. And last but not least, she owns this wild and adventures cowgirl spirit.

The singer has also already made an official video to her single “Daddy”, which is going to take place in May 2022. 

More about ANGELIRE:

The country singer has been on the music scene for 21 years. She performs mainly around the Scandinavian countries as she takes part in thematic festivals and concert events. Thanks to her magnetic voice and her natural artistic demeanor in front of an audience, her participation in Western Europe has been a great success.