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HÆVD is Danish/Australian rock band whose members include Pia Nissen (Vocals), Peter Mølgaard (Guitar), Mads Stampe (Bass), Mads Bodzioch (Drums). We are a group of individuals that are certain about one thing- delivering the best live music we can muster! By utilising detailed soundscapes within the rock genre, we create what we believe to be a unique musical experience, taking our listeners with us on a journey. 


HÆVD refers to one’s claim and asserting the right to something over a prolonged timespan. Over the years we have individually created our own desire paths- now interlinked, which has brought us together in this orchestra. 


Our focus and mission are as a live band- and though we have just released our first EP titled W.Y.G.D. with pleasure, we thrive on stage. Our audiences have described us as a powerful, energetic, and a captivating band.