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Red Relations

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Red Relations

Red Relations can be described as a powerful band with a classic and well-known rock sound, freshened up with modern guitar effects and wild-boys-poetry a la Stones.


Red Relations’ sound and music is clearly inspired by some of the greatest bands in rock music. In this case, the band mentions Dizzy Mizz Lizzy, Foo Fighters and AC/DC. They seem to be a couple of hardcore dudes to follow, but Red Relations makes nonetheless a serious effort and hits bullseye on the classic rock style.


Their first single “Monday” is released on Monday the 3rd of January 2022 and is later followed by the tracks “Drive” and “Circle of Diamonds” in February and April, respectively.


A rock n’ roll quartet with great ambitions is pushing towards the Danish rock scene

Equipped with his fast and melodic guitar licks, Samir Cakar constitutes the group’s answer to Angus Young. He is a talented guitarist and an amazing performer, who gets the audience almost over the edge of the stage. By Samir’s side at the front, we find Casper Vindbjerg, who after several years solo now breaks out of the mainstream frames of pop music, lets the beard grow and sets a raw standard for his vocals. This time in a crispy, ear-melting and Phil Collins-like resonance.


The dynamic duo Daniel Therkelsen (bass) and Max Alrø (drums) constitute a solid rhythmic foundation that together create ground for a stable and well playing band. The sparkle in their eyes can’t be overlooked when performing their impressive heavy rhythm sections and precise fills.


There is no slowing down when Red Relations hit the stage. With an energetic performance, cool guitar riffs, heavy bass and impressive drum fills, the group gives the audience an evocative and captivating concert experience from start to finish.