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Om artisten 

Tobias Lynge is an upcoming solo artist with sky high ambitions, a huge drive and an immense winner mentality.

Ever since Tobias’s mom taught him his first song – Blue suede shoes by Elvis Presly in a tub at 7 years old, Tobias has wanted to sing and perform, and has done so for over 15 years.

Tobias started his journey as a solo artist earlier this year with his first release ‘Sindets Dæmoner’ with radio interview and rotation at 2 stations, he was played alot on Spotify’s new release and your daily mix playlist.

Tobias is a very driven individual, he does his own song writing, composing, PR, marketing, strategy, networking etc. and does everything in his reach, to fulfill his lifelong dream.

Tobias is producing a music video for ‘Mere og mere’ with professionals from danish television, and is planning to spend his fortune on SoMe marketing.

“Mere og mere” is written on a plane home from Rhodes, and is a story of Tobias being in love with a girl he simply could not get enough of. The song is about love and how obsessed Tobias is with this girl.